Friday, August 26, 2011

Morten Harket - A Fine Piece of Norwegian Wood

An old favourite - king of the cheekbones, the abs and nice guns - definitely a-hartthrob

Olly Murs - Bulge - tastic on This Morning

Great trouser-snakage from X-Factor's cheeky chappie

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wanted to the Max

New boyband, The Wanted, feature the very easy on the eye Max George. Max was in previous boyband, The Avenue. Sometimes, he's not that keen on clothing. Good boyband talent that!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Dangerous Mike Furey!

Electro-duo Dangerous Muse's Mike Furey is gay perfection.

There is something fascinating and mesmerising about this beautiful lad's alluring mix of masculine and feminine energies. So what have we got?

A washboard stomach...
And the guns are rather cool...

Fabulous slinky skinny-legged jeans...
A bondage fetish...
He'll happily get wet...
And will get sweaty...
And not ignoring the bulge factor...
Oh a touch of leather, with heated fan adoration (and why not?)
Downright nakedness? Yep!

Don't Be Blue...there's always Lee Ryan

Effortlessly beautiful Lee Ryan from the 'boy'-band Blue is a Music Hottie in every sense.

As well as an underrated soulful pop voice, he combines boyband cuteness with grown-up handsome physicality.
And doesn't he look stunning in a suit?
And even better when he is soaking wet!